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Ramesh Iyer

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Ramesh is an avid percussionist, with an interest in diverse forms of world percussion instruments. He took an interest in learning tabla to further his passion for Hindustani music, and has been performing for last 2 decades with various music groups.  Having started learning tabla after moving to the US, he currently continues to learn from his Guru, Pandit Mukundraj Deo in India, who is an exponent of the Banaras Gharaana. He also loves to share this knowledge by teaching tabla to develop the next generation of artists, and continue the tradition of extending the lineage in tabla gharaanas.

Ramesh is an engineer by profession, involving the manufacturing of jet engines. He enjoys this delicate balance of application of rocket science at work, with the application of art to his interest in music! He also enjoys playing tennis and badminton, to balance the sendentary requirement for playing tabla.

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